Mazzarri pleased with Napoli tactical toughness.

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Napoli coach Walter Mazzarri is satisfied with various tactics with more improvements. After defeating Braga 2-0, they advanced to the knockout rounds of the Champions League.

Napoli opened their home stadium at Diego Armando Maradona beating Braga 2-0. Advancing to the next round as the second-place team in Group C. Before the game, the Portuguese team had hopes of advancing to the next round ทางเข้า UFABET 

Must win by two or more goals.”Apart from qualifying for the next round, I focus on not conceding goals. We want to find more balance. Some things are better than others. And we let some players rest as well. So it’s a good day.”

Mazzarri also praises Brazil defender Natan’s performance. Who took on the role of left back in place of Mario Rui and Matias Oliveira who were injured and had excellent form.

“This kid has real quality. He was a little disheartened. and needs support. I understand that. I had Bremer at Torino who felt the same.”

“It was not easy moving from Brazil to Italy. Leagues that are very different. He is now a changed player. Has many potentials and need support I’m sure he’ll only get better.”

Mazzarri aims to lead the team to many victories. After earlier, they had just lost to Frosinone in the Coppa Italia game at home by a landslide of 0-4. But in the end, Napoli had to lose for the second time in a row. In this game, Napoli had only 9 players left. People in the field too