Arteta: Ben White has been included in the England

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Arteta: Ben White has includ in the England squad with great performance.

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta congratulates Ben White on his selection world cup final By insisting that all are the results of the hard work of the players all along

The 25-year-old has been reposition from central defender to play at right-back this season. Keep doing good work Until Arsenal remain at the top of the Premier League until this game they will visit. Wolves It was the last game before the World Cup. That he was named team for the first time in the World Cup final. He has play for the England senior team in a total of 4 games.

“I think he’s very happy. And I think that the team together with the players in the team are happy with him as well. He deserves this opportunity. And it big moment. And I give all credit to his national team. caused by all that he did You take a look at his entire career path. He walk in such a short time? It says everything about who he is, as a player. and determination Especially with consistent performance over the last few years, I think Ben is happy to do it playing in this position. It allows him to open up other opportunities for himself as a player who can play in various positions. Which is one of those things that doesn’t happen much in football. And I think he has the potential to play.

Arsenal have three England players in the World Cup squad, Aaron Ramsdale, Ben White and Bukayo Saka.