The Golden Rules of Casino

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The Golden Rules of Casino.

Remember that in the long run, if we play for a long time Your win-and-lose tendency will run closer to 50%, meaning your chances will be closer to 50 50. Although the first short You will win more than you lose. or lose more than win

This average is 50.7% going banker and 49.3% going player side. This number is not calculated randomly. It is a statistical number that is accepted around the world. The dealer’s side will definitely come out more. If you play long enough, the stats will come close to this number.

Why are the dealers leaving more? Because actually the game of Baccarat is not a coin toss game, heads and tails with a chance of getting 50 50 exactly. Baccarat has rules for drawing cards that are a bit complicated if we look deeply. But if we play easily Just look at who has more, that person wins, it’s not wrong. because of those complexities On the casino side, he arranged for us instead.

The difference Fixed bets and compound bets

That There’s nothing to do with it. Every time must bet the same amount.   Different from compound bets That is, the size of the bet will be larger. There will 2 types of folds: positive and negative folds means.

  • Positive multiplier If you win and then add the profit or profit plus the capital in the hope of getting more money multiplied.
  • Negative rollover If you lose then you roll up. to expect to bring back the waste Ready to be profitable in the future if you win and the money is not out of pocket first.

Ask the positive and the negative. Which is more dangerous? Let me tell you UFABET. That the negative compound is obviously more dangerous.