Government lottery How cheap is the chance?

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Government lottery How cheap is the chance?

As Admin has said that currently there are a total of 88 million lottery tickets per 1 draw (with 1 lotteries there will be 1,000,000 tickets), and how much are the chances of winning the prize? How much or how little? If you buy 1 lottery ticket. Let’s see at UFABET.

more from the table Above is the number that has already been calculated. How many percentages will you have the chance to win prizes? You have see. That Prizes for the last 2 numbers will have a chance of winning 1%. That is having chance win more than other prizes.

Underground lottery, government, how much money do you get?

Many lottery fans who have played government. You will know that the government lottery has a lot of prizes. which admin will take everyone to see. That If you have already bought an underground lottery. In case of winning. How much will you get? I will give you an example. Easy to understand as follows.

As already said Most of our Thai people He is popular to play underground in the form of three numbers on the top, two on the top and two on the bottom. The prizes that are referred to in the prize draw are as follows.

As for the reward for paying adds. I will give an example. This website is a website with a very high payout rate. Up to 900 baht per baht, but it doesn’t mean that other websites will give less. And there are other websites that have discounts too Pay a lot too