What time? You shouldn’t shower it has a negative effect on the body

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When should you not take a shower or when is a good time to take a shower?  It’s something that many people want to know, even though they consider bathing to be a very normal daily routine. I want to take a shower at any time. But actually, there are times when you shouldn’t take a shower that I want to tell you about. Let’s just take a look and see what periods there are.

After eating fresh food: When you’ve just finished eating, you shouldn’t shower immediately. Because after eating, blood flows mostly to the digestive system. If you go take a shower at this time There must be some blood distribut to other organs as well. It causes the digestive system to not work fully, indigestion and illness can follow.

However, many people are hardly affect by this. To be sure, you should observe yourself that you take a warm shower immediately after eating. Does it cause us to have some stomach discomfort? If it has an effect, it should be avoid. ทางเข้า ufabet it is recommend to wait approximately 20 minutes – 1 hour (depending on whether the food you eat is easy or difficult to digest) then go take a shower. But if you really want to take a shower, you may use cold water or room temperature water instead of warm water.

People with low blood pressure You must be very careful about taking a hot shower alone: Because you have a very high chance of falling in the bathroom. Because usually Hot bath time The water temperature is higher than the body temperature. High temperatures cause blood vessels to expand, so people with low blood pressure will have insufficient blood flow to various parts of the body. And it is the reason for fainting.

Women who are not healthy Women are already weaker than men: Especially if you are in a period of discomfort. The body’s immunity will be even lower. Therefore, women with poor health should not take cold showers. Because cold water will easily stimulate and make you catch a cold.

After drinking alcohol: It’s very wrong for people who drink until they’re Drink and red in the face. Then I thought that taking a shower would help lower the temperature in the body. Because after drinking Alcohol inhibits liver function. Reducing the release of glucose into the bloodstream. But during bathing, the body needs even more glucose. Therefore, taking a shower after drinking As a result, the amount of blood sugar is not enough. This action causes dizziness, lightheadedness, dizziness, and body weakness. And there is a risk of falling in the bathroom.

After exercising fully During this time: The body or brain is working hard, so the body needs some rest before bathing. If forced, it may cause insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain during bathing time. and can cause one to faint and lose consciousness.

When you have a high fever Sick people should not bathe: This is because during the time you are sick, your body temperature will reach 38-40℃ and this increases the amount of heat burned in your body by 20%. For this reason, it is most debilitating. If you take a shower, it may cause harm to your body and cause you to become bedridden.