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Exercise is considered one of the resolutions that people popularly set to achieve. To improve or develop yourself each year as much as possible At the same time, there are many who miss the mark year after year. Because of regular exercise It requires both effort and patience, plus strong encouragement, including the discipline to act seriously and continuously.

Because the time factor is an important part. But with a lack of knowledge and understanding Until they may not understand nature until they accidentally cause harm to themselves. More than for good health Dangerous injuries can occur, so the first thing you need to consider is you. It is important to choose the type of exercise that is most appropriate for you.

UFABET recommend, you must consider the readiness of your own body as well. You must look at the basics of your body and see if you have any congenital diseases. How fit are you? And when exercising, you should start gradually according to your physical condition. From light to heavy.

The important thing is the appropriate amount of time. Exercise should not be strenuous or excessive, which in most cases should not exceed 1 hour per time and at least 3-5 times per week. Because excessive exercise will cause more harm than good. Doing this will lead to an effective exercise process.

Cardio, such as running, swimming, cycling, aerobic dancing, is a form of exercise that emphasizes the strength of the heart system. Lungs and blood vessels.

  • This form of exercise will help strengthen the endurance of the respiratory and circulatory systems. This refers to the ability of the heart, blood vessels, and lungs to carry oxygen to all parts of the body, as well as the ability of the muscles to extract oxygen for energy metabolism.

With this form of exercise, it should be done continuously for about 20-60 minutes, at least 3 times a week. The important thing is to do it in a gradient. When the body is ready, gradually go up to a harder level.

  • Exercise that focuses on muscle strength: Most people will think of Lifting weights or doing weight training, but actually there are many forms of resistance exercise. You may use your body weight as resistance. Like doing push-ups or sit-ups. Use resistance from the elastic band. Use resistance against household items such as bags, water bottles, or books for effective.

The importance of this form of exercise To increase muscle strength To reduce death from cardiovascular disease In addition, in the elderly, if they lack strength in this area, they will fall easily and lose their balance easily. Osteoporosis occurs and bones break easily when falling.

With this form of exercise, it is recommended that all parts should be completed. once a week Or you can use the method of alternating play. Today, one part might be the arms. Take a day off and alternate with another form of exercise for another day. Then let’s play another part, maybe a leg like this.

  • Exercise that emphasizes flexibility of the body: This type of exercise activity includes yoga, Pilates. It seems easy and effortless, but actually it’s as tiring as other types of exercise.

This style helps your muscles become more flexible. It must be done slowly until you feel tightness or discomfort. But it’s not painful. Practicing flexibility and flexibility is essential for people of all ages. especially the elderly or people who have to do heavy labor Because it can help reduce injuries and fatigue of the body.