How often must the shower be change. and way change the shower head yourself.

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Bathing is another relaxing time. and maintain personal hygiene After dealing with the outside environment all day But most people don’t pay much attention to keeping things clean shower. This is because many types of bacteria thrive in humid areas. Of course, a shower is one of them. This can cause a respiratory infection. Especially in people who are physically weak. Therefore recommend change your shower head regularly.

And change your shower head regularly how often do you need to change it? What is the right time to replace the shower head? What are the indicators that the shower head needs to be replaced?

The answer is that it is recommended to change your shower head every 6-8 months.

Or when the shower head is found to be leaking water. Water pressure drops There is white sediment or black stains blocking the holes in the shower head. It’s a sign that it’s time to change the shower head. It is recommended to check it every month for good hygiene. and prevent other effects To the health of everyone in the house

How to change the shower head yourself

There are many styles of showers. Those who like to take a cool shower and strong water flow will have a specially designed showerhead with a larger shower hole. For some people who like to take a gentle shower. There will be a shower hole where the water gently splashes without hurting the skin. But what kind of shower should be used with the faucet? (or water heater) ufabet can be yours. There must be the right size of the joints.

  • Prepare equipment for waxing. In addition to a screwdriver, you may need to use a cloth to use force to help turn the threads on various joints.
  • Turn off the water valve before changing the shower hose / shower head.
  • Install the shower head. By removing the old shower hose first. After that, wipe clean the dripping water stains.
  • Insert the joint with the shower hose. If you feel that the connection cable is loose I use thread wrapping tape. Can be wrapped with the joint before assembly.
  • Check the strength of the shower hose and shower head by opening the water valve. and try it out in virtual reality If it is found that the leak is still caused by poor joint assembly. Can be edited and reassembled. But if the device has cracks I took it to exchange with the store where I bought it.